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Welcome to Agent 55 - The worlds most extensive meta search service

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The Agent55 network is currently searching a total of 301 search-engines in 45 categories, making it the worlds most extensive meta search service.

Latest news:

5 April, 2007

MY Agent 55 is launched - Create your own meta-search service
Today we added a new exciting function to Agent 55. You can now add your own custom search categories and search engines.
Using our bookmarklet and smart interface it is very easy to create a meta-search service that has YOUR favorite engines in it and when you are done with your search-category you can even SHARE it with other users of Agent 55!

We have made a instruction video that explains how to do this in less than 5 minutes and 7 easy steps.
Or you can just go to to get started now!


Local meta search sites
Also visit our local Agent 55-sites with a variety of localized search possibilities:

Latest updates in search engines & categories (Show all)

July 13th 2009
Added:, Removed: Yahoo!, Added: Yahoo! Music Search, in Mp3

Removed: CookingSpot, in Recipes

Removed: Subtitles O2, Added: AllSubs, in Subtitles

May 24th 2009
Removed: Acclaim Images, in Photos

March 31st 2009
Removed: Photo Objects, ComStock, in Photos

February 17th 2009
Added: Aha Share, in Torrents

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